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Occasionally, Mother Nature decides to send large amounts of rain. If your yard (or your neighbor’s yard) slopes toward your home, it can cause a wet basement or crawl space; as well as create serious foundation issues and settling. Yard leveling provides a gentle way to re-route water away from your home by adding clean topsoil to specific areas. It will level (or build up slightly) any low spots around your home. Landscape grading can be used alone or in conjunction with French Drains or Downspout Drainage Systems. We will review your specific needs during a free consultation and then give you a customized solution. 

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A Swale is a drainage system that diverts water from reaching your home’s foundation. They are gently sloped, and contoured ditches strategically dug into your yard and sometimes covered with plants and other greenery to make it more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. No one will notice the swale, just the plants when adequately landscaped. Some people prefer to install rock gardens in these areas for lower maintenance. Swales are excellent at controlling how fast water is absorbed into the soil by slowing down the process to a more normal rate. For a Swale to function correctly, it must be placed in the optimal location with the correct amount of slope.   

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Berms are another option to redirect water away from your home. Where a Swale is a concaved area, a berm is the opposite. It is an elevated area strategically created in the yard to redirect run-off water from flowing toward your home’s foundation. It is often used in agricultural land to keep low-lying areas from flooding. If you have a lower elevation yard than neighbors, you may be getting their run-off water in your yard. If that is the case, a berm is an excellent way to prevent excess water from reaching your home. Similar to swales, these elevated areas can be landscaped to look very pleasing. At times the berm incline in a yard is so slight that it may be hard to detect by the naked eye. In many cases, it doesn’t take much to be effective, but the higher berms are considered exceptional landscaping opportunities when completed.
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